Zombo Buster – Lead your Anti-zombie Squad

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Zombo BusterYour building has been attacked by zombies! You have to rally up your elite anti-zombie squad and protect your building. First you will have to make the elite squad happy by paying your soldiers to defend the floors against the zombies. In every stage of the game, the zombies will attack from the right, and you will have to click on the radios to deploy any of your soldiers as long as you can afford to pay. The strengths of different soldiers vary and so does their cost. Kill as many zombies as possible and collect money from them to be able to pay your soldiers and upgrade their strengths. Zombo Buster is more of Kingdom Rush only that in Zombo Buster there are zombies and it is a tower.


At first, you will only have a single elevator where your soldiers can appear from. You will be forced to move it back and forth between the different floors to fight the zombies but once you get cash, you can unlock more elevators. Play using your mouse (action) and keyboard (SPACE key for the next wave, S key to deploy quickly or swap floors, P key to pause your game).

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