Category: Action

The Story Knight Runner is a story of a brave young knight who has to run through a dangerous forest full of savages to save a princess in distress. As the brave Knight Runner, you [...]
Bloons Super Monkey 2 is a mad balloon popping game by Bloons.  This is an upgrade from the first game that was played over 1 billion times. This upgrade comes with better graphics [...]
You are a brave, small, white knight with a mission to save the villagers from the huge enemy creature. You must use your small sword to slash the huge giant to its knees and final [...]
Ninja Land is a flash based game that is easy and enjoyable to play. The Story In a faraway kingdom, everyone is dead a sleep sweetly enjoying their dreams. In a beautiful castle, [...]
Enhance is a sci-fiction action game that can be played online without the need of downloading. The game has cool graphics and magnificent sound effects to rival games played from [...]