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Ninja LandNinja Land is a flash based game that is easy and enjoyable to play.

The Story

In a faraway kingdom, everyone is dead a sleep sweetly enjoying their dreams. In a beautiful castle, there is a lovely princess sleeping happily with her lover, our fighter. Right in the middle of the night, vicious fighters stormed the castle and kidnapped the princess discreetly. They leave behind a note that provides you with their trail.
You mission is to follow the Ninjas to Ninja land and recover your lovely princess.  Remember you will be met with hostility. Secure your ship, free all prisoners and recover your princess safe and sound.

Controls and instructions

This is a point and click game. You use your mouse and move by clicking on the circles that appear on the screen. Carefully follow these circles to successfully recover your princess. You will need to act fast otherwise the ninjas will kill you way before you see your princess.  Quickly solve the point-and-click puzzles to stop anything that stand your way. Build bridges, set traps, destroy walls and cave in roofs, and anything else it takes to get the lovely princess back to the beautiful castle. Enjoy your challenging match across Ninja Land, and have some fun while on it.

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