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Min Hero - Tower of SagesMin Hero – Tower of sage is a cool combat game that resembles Pokemon. You must ascend a tower that is littered with dangerous monsters that become more powerful as you climb. As a student, you have an army of friendly monsters who will fight for you to death. Your army will also grow in strength and intellect the higher you climb. Just like Pokemon, Min Hero – Tower of Sages is turn based with monsters having different abilities and weaknesses adding a twist to this fun and exciting game to play.
Min Hero – Tower of Sage has a large story line that will keep you glued to your computer screen and keyboard for hours. The game spans across many dungeons that are based on the earth elements (water, air and fire) that will get you badges after completing the stages.

How to play

Navigate using the arrow keys (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT) or the keys WSAD. Interact with the characters using the SPACE key. You can save the game at any time by clicking the menu button to your bottom right. Win stars and upgrade your own army to fight the monsters. Mini Hero will get you addicted.

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