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American Racing 2Did you like American Racing? Now American Racing is back and it’s even better than before. This time round, American Racing comes with improved graphics, more races, larger crashes and more vehicles to choose from. Be ready to enjoy 12 new and bettered racing tracks, 45 challenging events, new and improved cars with better handling and fast speeds and experience all these in 3D.

The Story and Game Play

The story is unchanged, finish ahead of everybody else to be crowned king of American racing.
Select your favourite stock car, start the engine and get your adrenaline ready to smash other vehicles in your ultimate quest to become number one. Every time you crash an opponent, you get a chance to not only slow them down, but also earn points that can be redeemed for awesome upgrades to your cars.

Play with your keyboard and mouse. Use your mouse to select items on the game-screen and your keyboard to control your cars. The Left arrow turns the car left, RIGHT arrow turns the car right, use the UP arrow to accelerate and DOWN arrow to brake. Also use the keys WASD to do the same if you are left handed. Activate boost using Shift/Ctrl/X key.

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